Updates on Community Choice Aggregation (CCA)

The Village of Croton-on-Hudson Board of Trustees, at their February 20, 2018, Regular Board Meeting, voted to join Sustainable Westchester’s Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program, called Westchester Power, for our Village. CCA will enable residents and small businesses to buy electricity supply in bulk and choose renewable sources to reduce our community’s carbon footprint. Twenty Westchester County municipalities are currently participating in CCA, which has saved residents and small businesses money on their electric bills while supporting renewable energy.
On September 4, 2018, the Board of Trustees authorized the Village Manager to sign an agreement with Sustainable Westchester to join the bidding process for the CCA program in 2019. On October 15, 2018, Westchester Power presented the results of the bid process to the Board of Trustees. The new contract will result in the following rates for residential and commercial properties:
 Residential StandardResidential GreenCommercial StandardCommercial Green
Original Contract7.70 cents/kWh8.00 cents/kWh9.93 cents/kWh9.97 cents/kWh
New Contract7.71 cents/kWh7.96 cents/kWh7.71 cents/kWh7.96 cents/kWh

December 18, 2017

Presentation by Lindsay Audin, Chair of Sustainability Committee

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