Croton 125th Anniversary Committee

Croton-on-Hudson is a vibrant and historic community that was incorporated as a New York State village in 1898. Throughout 2023, the 125th Committee seeks to commemorate the 125th anniversary of incorporation through art, music performances, exhibitions, and community celebrations. 

Our goals are:
1. Highlight the amazing accomplishments of the people of Croton, both past and present.
2. Partner with community members, organizations, and committees to celebrate 125 years of incorporation. 
3. Bring the Croton Community together. 

Committee Members
Carolyn Whiting, Committee Chair
Marc Cheshire
Nicole Belle DeRise
Joel Gingold
Eleanor Kwei 
Nancy Libow
Matilda Weekes
Nenad Bach
Joe Streany
Marie Considine
Ann Galelli, Trustee Liaison
Len Simon, Trustee Liason