Water Department

Village of Croton-on-Hudson Water System

Approximately 99% of the Village’s population is supplied by a connection to the public water supply; the remainder is supplied by individual wells.  The municipal water comes from an aquifer beneath the Croton River, not from the New York City reservoir supply. The Village maintains the public water supply and distribution system consisting of three well pumps, and four treatment plants at the well field, and a distribution system consisting of booster pump stations, four storage tanks and a network of pipe, valves and hydrants.

Water treatment at the well field consists of chlorine for disinfection purposes and a corrosion control additive to reduce corrosion throughout the public distribution system and plumbing systems in buildings; no fluoride is added to the public water supply system.  A water quality report is prepared each year and includes detailed information on water quality and other aspects of the water supply system.  These annual reports are available at the Water Department section of the Village web site.  Billing for water is on a quarterly cycle.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
John Spatta Water Foreman