IDEA Advisory Committee

Croton-on-Hudson’s Board of Trustees chartered the Village’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee on November 5, 2018. In January of 2024, the Committee was renamed the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA) Advisory Committee to reflect its expanded mission: 

Inclusion – The committee aims to broaden communication among community groups, Village entities and individuals, with emphasis on amplifying marginalized voices. 

Diversity – The committee intends to celebrate the contributions of our community’s diverse make-up and promote cross-cultural understanding through support and coordination of cultural and educational programs.

Equity – The committee is dedicated to the equitable sharing of Village resources. Through research, advising and outreach, the committee's goal is to promote fair allocation of services and resources for equitable outcomes.

Accessibility – The committee is dedicated to identifying and dismantling barriers to access services, resources, and information.

Advisory – The committee provides guidance, research and outreach on IDEA issues pertinent to the Village of Croton-on-Hudson.

You may contact members of the committee at the following email address:

Board Members

NameTitleTerm Expires
Cristina Alvarez Arnold


December 2024
William BegenyMemberDecember 2024
Luisa Godoy


December 2024
Sherry HorowitzMemberDecember 2024
Marlena HortonMemberDecember 2024

Amy Melman

MemberDecember 2024
Maria Modica-SnowMemberDecember 2024
Faith RiversMemberDecember 2024
Shannon VarekampMemberDecember 2024
Kenna WeinerMemberDecember 2024
Nora M. NicholsonTrustee Liaison 
Cara PolitiTrustee Liaison