Update on Community Choice Aggregation

Residents will be receiving mailings from Westchester Power

Environmental Report Mailing

Participating residents and small businesses received a mailing with mandated environmental reporting a few days ago. As was the case last year, we have a disconnect between the NYS reporting system and our Green-e renewable energy certificate regime because the Green-e RECs are not registered through the NYS system. This issue will go away in the future as we have migrated to NY Hydro power RECs which will properly show on the NYS report as zero emissions. We have posted a more detailed explanation on the westchesterpower.org website - it's highlighted on the home page. 

New Customer Mailing

The notification letters for new customers are going out at the end of the week. On a quarterly basis we mail to all of the newly-eligible (just moved in, or exited from an ESCO) residents and small businesses. 

For more information on Community Choice Aggregation, please visit www.westchesterpower.org and the Village's CCA webpage.