Phase II Storm Water Management Plan

  • 1.0  Introduction
  • 2.0  Phase II Storm Water requirements
    Below is a brief description of the USEPA and NYSDECs associated approach to storm water permitting and controls, and a summary of the minimum measures required by the federal regulations with examples of activities that could be included as part of each measure.
  • 2.1  USEPAs Phased Approach
  • 2.2  Phase II Minimum Requirements
  • 2.3  Public Education and Outreach
  • 2.4  Public Involvement and Participation
    This measure could involve the creation of a local storm water management team, panel, task force or advisory committee that assists the municipality in the development and implementation of the six minimum control measures.  The local team should be comprised of a diversity of interests reflecting different economic, ethnic, geographic and other characteristics.  Furthermore, these representatives can play a major role in developing and implementing the public education and outreach program.
  • 2.5  Detection/Elimination of Illicit Connections
  • 2.6  Control of Construction Runoff
  • 2.7  Runoff Management for New Development/Redevelopment
  • 2.8  Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping
    The measure addresses improvements to ongoing operations and maintenance (O&M) activities and addresses adequate consideration of water quality concerns rather than flood/ drainage considerations in managing urban storm water runoff.  Thus, O&M programs need to be expanded to complement the five other Phase II measures by adding training and water quality items to maintenance activities, inspections, pesticide use, catch basin cleanouts, sewer/catch basin repairs, and disposals of waste from cleaning storm water systems.
  • 2.9     Legal, Institutional and Financial Issues