Census 2020

Census Rates as of 5-31-20
Croton-on-Hudson has partnered with the U.S. Census Bureau to ensure that a complete count of its residents is conducted in Census 2020. In September 2018, the Village of Croton-on-Hudson, in conjunction with various local stakeholders, created a Complete Count Committee. The goal of this committee is to help  ensure that everyone living in the Village at the time of Census 2020 is counted. 
1) What does the Invitation to Respond envelope look like?  See visuals of our Census 2020 mailings here.
2) Can I answer the questionnaire without the code in the Invitation to Respond? Yes! Visit my2020census.gov to complete the questionnaire with or without a code.
3) Will my geographic area receive the paper form first or only the invitation to respond? Take a look at the Mail Contact Strategies Viewer -- if your census tracts are in green then your area will receive the invitation to respond and the paper questionnaire in the first mailing.  Remember, anyone who does not respond by phone or online will receive a paper questionnaire as part of their 4th mailing.
4) I like the paper questionnaire.  Will I need to pay to mail it back?  No, it has postage on the return envelope and is ready to mail.
5)  What are the Census phone numbers? Click here for a list of phone numbers in different languages.
6) What if more than 10 people are in my household?  It is best to answer online or by phone for a larger household as you may include up to 99 people in your response.
7) Where can I find language assistance for the census?  See print guides in 59 languages here.
8) When will I be able to see how well my community is responding?  As of March 20th you will be able to Census Self-Response Rates here.
9) Will the Census Bureau provide staff at my agency to help my community complete the census?  We are staffing Census Response Representatives (CRR) mostly in areas predicted to have a low response rate from March 12 through March 30th.  After March 30th, we will deploy CRRs only in areas of low self-response for Mobile Questionnaire Assistance.



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