Croton Point Avenue Traffic, Pedestrian, and Bicycle Improvement Project

Preferred Design for CPA

(Preferred Option Design as of January 9, 2019)

 Timeline (updated April 2019)
July 2013Draft Design Report
July 2013Preferred Option
July 2013Pros and Cons of Options 1-4
August 2013Resolution Declaring Lead Agency
August 2013Environmental Assessment Form
August 2013Coastal Assessment Form
July 2014Resolution of Negative Declaration - SEQRA
July 2014Waterfront Advisory Committee Preliminary Review of Consistency
July 2014Environmental Assessment Form - Part 3
July 2014Environmental Assessment Form - Part 3 Attachment
August 2014Waterfront Advisory Committee Final Review of Consistency
September 2014Resolution of LWRP Consistency
January 2015Engineer's Estimate
March 2015Final Design Report
October 2015Letter from NYSDOT
February 2016CPA Project Funding Estimate
February 2016Potential Savings - CPA Project
June 2016Resolution to Approve Funding - CPA
July 2017CHA Consulting Supplemental Agreement No. 2
January 2018CHA Consulting Supplemental Agreement No. 3
January 2018CHA Consulting Supplemental Agreement Exhibit A
January 2018CHA Consulting Scope & Fee Summary
January 2018Resolution to Approve Proposal - CHA Consulting
November 2018Lighting System Maintenance Agreement with NYSDOT
December 2018Purchase Agreement for Portion of 1 Croton Point Avenue Property
January 2019Supplemental Agreement with NYSDOT for Additional Funding
March 2019Video of Presentation to Board of Trustees - March 18, 2019
April 2019Resolution 55-2019: Rejection of Bids Received for Project
February 2020No-Cost Time Extension Agreement
Feburary 2020Resolution 24-2020: Time Extension Agreement for Project
February 2020Resolution 25-2020: Award of Bid to Paladino Concrete Creations Corp.
March 2020No-Cost Time Extension Letter from NYSDOT
April 2020Project Update - April 30, 2020
June 2021Croton Point Avenue Traffic Lights to Be Activated