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Symphony Knoll
        On motion of  TRUSTEE____________,  seconded by  TRUSTEE _______,  the  
following resolution was adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Croton-on-Hudson, New York:  

Negative Declaration of
Environmental Significance Pursuant to
6 NYCRR Part 617 (SEQRA)
Regarding a Joint Application by the
Village of Croton-On-Hudson and the
Croton Housing Network, Inc.
to Construct New Affordable Housing Units
to be known as Symphony Knoll

WHEREAS, the Village of Croton-On-Hudson, New York (Village) published a request for proposals seeking persons interested in constructing affordable housing within the Village; and
WHEREAS, the Croton Housing Network, Inc. (CHN) submitted a proposal to construct 11/ 12 units of housing by combining a portion of the 8+ acre lot that presently hosts Mt. Airy Woods with a .6± acre parcel owned by the Village and improved with a (vacant) single family home, cottage and shed to create a zoning-compliant parcel suitable for development of multi-family housing; and
WHEREAS, on or about June 1, 2004, the Village Board of Trustees selected CHN as the preferred developer and endorsed CHN’s plan to develop new affordable housing on Mt. Airy Road and encouraged CHN to pursue funding from state and county sources to support the project; and
WHEREAS, CHN seeks to develop 11/ 12 units of affordable housing in a new 3 story building to be known as Symphony Knoll (SK), in recognition of the late Levenia McClure; and
WHEREAS, on or about October 13, 2005, CHN submitted a full Environmental Assessment Form (EAF) to the Village describing the project and identifying the several agencies involved in reviewing and approving various aspects of application; and
WHEREAS, on or about November 7, 2005, the Village Board declared its intent to serve as “lead agency” of the environmental review and thereafter circulated Part 1 of the EAF to each involved agency with a notice indicating that in the event any involved agency failed to object within 30 days, the Village Board of Trustees would assume lead agency status; and
WHEREAS, 30 days have passed since the EAF was circulated to each involved agency and no involved agency has objected to the Village Board of Trustees serving as lead agency;
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Village Board of Trustees hereby assumes the role of lead agency for purposes of conducting coordinated environmental review of the proposed Symphony Knoll project to construct 11/ 12 units of affordable housing as proposed by CHN;
WHEREAS, the Village has reviewed the EAF, and its appendices, and discussed various aspects of the EAF with the CHN and Village staff members, specifically Parts 1 and 2, as well as the Visual Addendum and Supplemental Addendum addressing specific areas of concern; and
WHEREAS, based on a description of the proposed action as set forth in Part 1 of the EAF the Village declares the proposed action to be an “unlisted” action within the meaning of 6 NYCRR §617.2(ak); and
WHEREAS, the Village Board has reviewed and considered the EAF and all supporting and supplemental materials submitted in connection with the environmental review, including (i) a professional review of traffic impacts; (ii) a field investigation by an ornithologist; and (iii)  computer-generated visual simulations of the proposed site; and
WHEREAS, the Village Board has discussed the proposed project with Village staff and professionals retained by CHN and is satisfied that all relevant areas of environmental concern have been identified, including the potential for archeological resources that may be revealed during the Phase 1b field investigation to be commenced as soon as weather permits;  
NOW, THEREFORE, the Village Board hereby concludes, finds and determines as follows:
This negative declaration of environmental significance has been prepared in accordance with Article 8 of the Environmental Conservation Law;
The proposed application to create a new zoning-compliant lot and construct 11/ 12 units of affordable housing will not (i) pose a substantial adverse change in air quality, given the size and scope of the proposal; (ii) have a negative impact on ground or surface water quality; (iii) cause a substantial adverse change in traffic, as documented by the professional traffic report included in the Supplemental Addendum accompanying the EAF; (iv) substantially increase solid waste production, given the size and scope of the project; (v) cause a substantial increase in the potential for erosion, flooding, leaching or drainage, given the applicant’s commitment to comply with “Best Management Practices” during construction;  (vi) pose a significant impact to a quantity of vegetation or fauna, given the limited size and scope of the project; (vii) interfere with any species of plant or animal listed as endangered or threatened, as documented by the report of an experienced ornithologist who investigated the site; (viii) impact a designated critical environmental area; (ix) conflict with the community’s comprehensive plan; (x) cause or contribute to any health hazard; or (xi) indirectly contribute to any adverse environmental impact when the cumulative effects of the project in toto are considered;
The applicant has identified all anticipated and potential adverse environmental impacts that may flow from the proposed project;
The visual impact of the project will be minimal, given (i) the height of the proposed building, i.e., 38'; (ii) the topography and location of the building, i.e., on a hill and set back from the street; (iii) and the applicant’s commitment to add screening and buffer the view;
And, moreover, based on the computer-generated simulations and photographs of the balloon test, the visual impact has been reasonably mitigated;
Based on the location of the project, i.e., set back and elevated, it is generally visible to a small number of persons, i.e., persons traveling southbound on Mt. Airy Road by car or on foot, for a very limited duration;
The applicant has gone to great lengths to minimize the visual impact by selecting colors and construction materials common to the Village and by limiting height to the minimum height necessary to accommodate the project;
The proposal is in harmony with surrounding land uses and provides an appropriate “transition” from the commercial sector of the village, located ½ mile to the south, to the surrounding residential area, which includes multi_family housing;
The project will not generate any odors, vibrations, dust, or hazardous waste and will not, therefore, be offensive to surrounding property uses, or pose a negative impact on surrounding property values;  
The developer, CHN, has agreed to return to the Planning Board and consult the Planning Board if the 1b archaeological field investigation reveals that areas of the site to be disturbed by construction contain “significant archeological resources;”  
THEREFORE, based on the entire record, discussions with experts, discussion with residents and staff, the Board as lead agency finds and concludes that no single impact will pose a significant adverse impact on the environment and, moreover, the cumulative effect of all impacts taken as a whole will not have a significant adverse impact on the environment;   
        ACCORDINGLY, the Village hereby declares the proposed action will not have a significant adverse environmental impact
This declaration is subject to and conditioned on the applicant agreeing to return to the Planning Board in the event the 1b archeological investigation produces results indicating (a) that areas of the proposed site merit further archeological investigation, and (b) that such archeological investigation would be impossible if the project is built as proposed.  In such event, CHN and the Village Planning Board shall agree to a plan that reasonably balances the property owner’s right to proceed with construction with the need to protect an historic site.  The Board further states that no building permit shall be issued until after the Phase 1b archeological report has been completed.
Name and Address of Lead Agency:
Village Board of Trustees
Village of Croton-On-Hudson
One Van Wyck Street
Croton, New York 10520

For additional information contact:

Nance Shatzkin
Croton Housing Network, Inc.
132 Old Post Road North
Croton, New York 10520

Location of Proposed Housing Project:

15 -25 Mount Airy Road
Tax Map ID:  Section 67, Subsection 20, Block 3,
   lots 2 and 36  
Village of Croton-On-Hudson, New York
Town of Cortlandt

SEQRA Classification:

Unlisted Action